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Spark Conversation & Action in Your Community with Two Film Screenings

Starting at Zero and Tomorrow's Hope are two must-see documentaries that highlight the power of investing in equitable, high-quality early childhood education while advocating for increased critical supports for early learning in the U.S.  

Engage your community in this important conversation by hosting a FREE screening of the films. Please find additional details about both documentaries as well as information for hosting a screening below. Once your screening is confirmed, we encourage you to submit your event to the Early Childhood Connector Hub calendar so your local peers can join the discussion. 

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Starting at Zero”  

Starting at Zero explores the power of investing in high-quality early childhood education so that all children and families have the opportunity to attain the American Dream. The film brings together the voices of policymakers, educators, academics, business leaders, pediatricians, parents and children, as well as five current and past governors who are champions of early childhood education. 

By examining the latest developmental brain science, the film demonstrates how essential the earliest years of learning are to maximize human potential. The film also delves into the evolution of Alabama’s top-ranked state pre-K program. 

At the heart of the film is the affirmation that if children are given the opportunity to thrive in settings with caring, responsive adults, the returns to our society will be deep and long lasting.

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"Tomorrow's Hope"

Tomorrow’s Hope brings us into the journey of passionate educators and tenacious kids and their families on the south side of Chicago, determined to build a great future despite facing incredible challenges. The film reunites three present-day high school seniors who started out in the first class of the original Educare preschool. The film explores the continuing effects of early childhood education on these three young people as they navigate their way through difficult circumstances on a path to a brighter future. 

While today the Educare Learning Network is going strong, in the documentary we learn about its utterly harrowing yet remarkable early stages as “The Beethoven Project” located within “Forgotonia, a name the film’s Portia Kennel uses to describe what was at the time the largest housing project in the world. Exploring the contrast of promises kept against a pervasive backdrop of promises broken, “Tomorrow’s Hope” celebrates the resilience of the human spirit. 

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