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What's new on Early Childhood Connector this December?

With 2020 coming to an end, we are excited to announce our second set of improvements designed to make your Early Childhood Connector (ECC) experience even better...

Introducing the Early Childhood Connector Hub!

We are excited to be opening the Early Childhood Connector Hub, a centralized and interactive “newsletter” for you to get the 10,000-foot view of the breadth of activity across the Early Childhood Connector. Go check out the Hub yourself and read our “Welcome to the Hub” announcement to explore the ways that the Hub will help you streamline your ECC experience.

Stay connected with an easier way to subscribe to your favorite applications...

With a standard application layouts for discussion forums, blogs, and calendars, it is easier for you to follow activity in a particular place in our community. Check out our help article on subscribing to applications using the new options widget that you’ll find in the top right corner of discussions, forums and calendars.

You've got mail -- from the ECC team!

You may be noticing some emails come through to you from our new email tool – we hope this will help you stay connected, even when you’re unable to login. We’ll be sure to keep emails to a minimum and keep them interesting. Be sure to drop us a line if you have any suggestions!

Better login support...

You know that feeling when you misplace your sticky note with all your usernames and passwords that you keep saying one day you will save in a more secure place? We get it. We’re here for those days and have created an automatic reply workflow. If you are experiencing issues logging in, you can email to get some just-in time support for your login challenges. A ticket will also be opened for our team to review and follow up to make sure you were able to log in with the directions provided. For any other support questions, keep those coming in our community support center.

We are excited for these changes and will continue to learn from you as we move ahead towards our next set of community improvements. Check out our October announcement to see our our other recent changes.

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