Shared Values - ECC Community Guidelines

Our Shared Values - Early Childhood Connector Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Early Childhood Connector! We envision a world where access to timely and tailored evidence to support early childhood system building efforts is not siloed by geography, grant status, or current network; but instead one where human-led, tech-enabled solutions facilitate knowledge seekers to become knowledge sharers, community voices to be elevated so that practice can inform policy and members can find each other through common passions and challenges.  

We hope you enjoy visiting the community, return often, and become an active member and frequent contributor. Thank you for taking a moment to review the community guidelines which aim to make sure the community is enjoyable for - and respectful of - all our users. There are behaviors that are encouraged because they foster safe, collaborative online community. We discourage behaviors that infringe on the ability of all voices to be heard in this community.  

Guidelines for this Community:  

  • All expertise, especially lived experience is valued. We strive to create a supportive atmosphere that respects all voices. We foster an all teach, all learn environment where everyone has expertise to give and everyone has expertise to get.
  • There is no one right answer to any questions and the voices of all help us to identify common threads that can determine next actions to better support children families.  
  • We are respectful and professional in our online community interactions. This means we do not use this community to post the following: 
    • Derogatory, abusive, offensive, obscene, violent or inappropriate content 
    • Falsified, inaccurate, or otherwise misleading information, please participate in this community and share content that to the best of your knowledge is accurate, and represent your own identity in a way that is not misleading to peers who want to connect with you.  
    • Unsolicited advertisements, this community does not serve the purpose of marketing products or services.  
  • We are reflective & intentional in inviting others into this community to ensure that there will be a diversity of expertise, experiences, and shared knowledge.   
  • We strive to create reciprocal benefits where people’s needs are met and where questions shared in the community have equal voices. 
  • We aim to build a culture of practice that utilizes an equity lens and challenges further consideration for practices or policies that do not center on the margins - or that benefit the few rather than the many. 
  • We elevate the collective and not the individual when brainstorming solutions and sharing resources. 
  • We have fun and recognize that we are all learning together as we navigate ways to better support the early childhood field together.  

Please note - we want your voices reflected in these guidelines! These Community Guidelines are intended to be co-designed in the same way that we approach our work across the Early Childhood Connector. Registered members can contribute their feedback and comments to these guidelines on the Share your Feedback discussion forum under ECC Help to help us iteratively develop them to best reflect the community we are striving to create.