Announcement: Check Out the New Recovery & Rebuilding Hub on the ECConnector

Check out the new Recovery & Rebuilding Hub on the ECConnector

Original Publish Date: August 20th, 2020 

We have the space, now let's make it the place to fuel Recovery and Rebuilding!

Over the past several months, the Early Childhood Connector (ECConnector) has enabled people across the country to share knowledge and resources specific to COVID-19 within an early childhood context. Now as we work as an early childhood community to sustain and rebuild a stronger, more equitable and comprehensive system for young children and their families, there is dedicated space on the Early Childhood Connector to help us collaborate and build our collective capacity.

At the request of ECConnector community and as a means to support participation in conversations about how to build the system back better, we have created a Recovery and Rebuilding Hub within the ECConnector that also serves to streamline collaboration across the early childhood system and supports to build our collective capacity as we adapt and innovate within this new and changing context.

The Recovery and Rebuilding Hub is a collaborative space designed to foster continued learning, sharing and action during this critical time for families and children.

In the Recovery and Rebuilding Hub, there are places to listen to, share, facilitate, and join in conversations with those most impacted by the early childhood system and those who work to implement it. The Recovery and Rebuilding Hub also includes advocacy features designed to make it easier to share your experiences and strengthen your impact.

Want to jump in? Here are some key ways that you can start contributing to this Recovery and Rebuilding Community. In the Hub, you can:

  • Your voice! Click on "Share" to for tools and opportunities to tell your story, share your opinion, and help to build a brighter future for young children and families. See what others have shared lately!
  • Your resources and ideas! Click on "Ask" to seek or provide help within the community. Post resources or events in service to recovery and rebuilding efforts that you are aware of or part of in your own community.
  • Your energy! Click on "Advocate" to expand our collective impact and influence policies and decisions that are impacting young children and families across the country.
  • Your connections! Invite your friends, colleagues, listserv members, and neighbors to join the ECConnector community. Recovery and rebuilding will only result in a stronger, more equitable system if we can center the voices of those most impacted ---parents, caregivers, and providers of early childhood services.

We are excited to see your participation in the Recovery & Rebuilding Hub. Your contributions, support, and ideas will ensure these efforts add maximum value to the broader early childhood field and our the lives of young children and families during such a critical time.

Check out the new social sharing toolkit we've created to help spread the word about the Recovery & Rebuilding Hub through email and social media!

This blog is shared to the ECNews to support the goal of elevating posts from our community. The social sharing toolkit highlighted in this post was originally shared in the Recovery & Rebuilding Hub. 

Join the community and share how your community is adapting and strategizing around how to build back more resilient supports for children and families as we continue to work through the challenges of COVID-19 together.