Addressing Trauma and Other Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic Through Home Visiting

Addressing Trauma and Other Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic Through Home Visiting 

Original Publish Date: May 14, 2020

With so much changing daily in response to COVID-19, I'm amazed to see how the home visiting field, administrators, researchers, and others are coming together to support one another and share resources. My colleagues and I at the National Home Visiting Resource Center (NHVRC) are pleased to be a part of the Early Childhood Connector and to share this online community with our networks.

The NHVRC provides comprehensive information about early childhood home visiting to support sound decisions in policy and practice. We do this by creating original content—such as blogs, briefs, and our Home Visiting Yearbook—and by amplifying the work of others. We recently highlighted the ECC and a home visiting collaborative launched in response to COVID-19 with the aim of engaging our networks in the broader early childhood community.

We also hope to shine a light on child and family issues exacerbated by the pandemic. Research shows us that home visiting participants typically face more adverse experiences than their counterparts—and that such events can lead to trauma. Recognizing that home visiting programs may wish to mitigate trauma’s impact, we summarized the available research on trauma-informed practices in the field and implications for practice.

At the NHVRC, we like to “keep the conversation going” about how home visiting can help children and families thrive. We’re pleased to be in this conversation with you all and hope to find ways to connect and recognize your great work during this challenging time.

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